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Residential Customers

Whether it be new construction or an attempt to revive an old living space, Old Chicago Paint Co. understands the unique importance of working in a client’s personal residence. Our residential painting division takes great pride in their ability to work with homeowners to provide a safe and efficient process to complete their goals.

When you hire Old Chicago Paint Co., you’re getting a professional paint job. We take our time and make every effort to achieve a high quality finish. Whether it be from poor craftsmanship or a home’s natural tendency to settle and shift, we’ll repair any defects prior to painting the area.

From the first step through to the project’s completion, we will make certain that every step of the project meets with or exceeds your highest standards. We know that you have options when you have options when selecting a contractor to work at your home and we will continually strive to be your preferred service provider.

We hope that you will decide to let Old Chicago Paint Co. show you just how good a paint contractor can be.

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