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Customer service is our businesss.

Old Chicago Paint Co. has established itself as one of Chicagoland’s premier painting contractors through its constant dedication towards customer satisfaction. From the first phone call through to the last drop of paint, we make every effort to insure that your project is performed in a professional manner and that the best possible results are achieved. If you’re considering a painting project, please give us a call and let us show you how good a paint contractor can be.

Preparation is the foundation for a quality paint job.

Old Chicago Paint Co. knows that some of the most important work we do happens before the paint is ever applied. No matter what the surface material is, proper cleaning and/or surface preparation is required prior to painting to insure the quality of the final results. All too often, we review projects where the life of the prior paint application was cut short due to improper surface preparation. Old Chicago Paint Co. always takes the necessary steps to not only deliver a great looking job, but to also protect the life of your paint.

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